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La Plagne belooft u een stressvrije vakantie

Laatst update: 21/01/2022 at 04.40 pm.
Deze pagina wordt bijgewerkt naar gelang de ontwikkelingen in de situatie.

mesures sanitaires

In La Plagne, it is very important to us to welcome you in an irreproachable setting. The Tourist Office staff and all those who work in the resort are striving to propose holiday conditions that will be as stress-free as possible. As announced by the French government on September 30, La Plagne, like all French ski resorts, will be opening this winter. La Plagne looks forward to welcoming you from December 11, 2021 to April 30, 2022. However, the health measures - listed on the government website - apply in the resort in the same way as they do elsewhere in France (restaurants, cinemas, swimming pools and spas, etc.).

To answer your questions, this page is updated regularly and offers all the information we currently have at our disposal.

You can be sure that, for us, our best reward will be the success of your stay in La Plagne.

In La Plagne is de gezondheidspas vanaf 12 jaar in verschillende gevallen verplicht: in voor het publiek toegankelijke gelegenheden, bij bepaalde evenementen, voor toegang tot de bobsleebaan, in restaurants, waaronder hooggelegen restaurants & bij skiliften. Er zijn verschillende plaatsen waar u zich kunt laten testen: dokterspraktijken, apotheken, testcentra, enz. Vertaald met (gratis versie)

Vanaf maandag 24 januari is het vaccinatiepasje vereist vanaf de leeftijd van 16 jaar.

We are very pleased to announce that our Minister of Tourism and the French Consulate in London have announced that from 14 January 2022 restrictions on travel from the UK to France will be eased:

For vaccinated people:
- No more compelling reason needed
- No more isolation
- A negative test will be required < 24 hours before

💡 You can read all the details on this webpage.

No change for unvaccinated people:
- A compelling reason is still required
- Isolation is still required
- Negative test <24h before

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